EduCard (Beta)
Version: December 2014
Release date: 2014-12-07

8GB SD-card required
Please note! Download is password protected.

EduBoard Card Image
Password is on the small label under the barcode.





Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi SD card slot, connect EduBoard to the GPIO port, connect network cable, and power on your Pi.

EduBoard will display the IP address on boot,(takes about 45seconds) and the RGB LED will lit up each colour for 3 seconds.

You can reset this with the tactile switch (Red Button, U2)

Now you know the IP, you can connect to your mini computer via SSH connection. You will be prompted to enter the account name, and the password.

Account:pi Password:EduBoard

EduBoard will welcome you with customised login banner.



PiMessenger1, and PiMessenger2 will work straight away

to access to web interface you will need to enter the following to your web browser URL bar.



On PiMessenger1 each message will also lit up the RGB LED in different colour. No custom text available.

You can reset the messages, and the LED with the reset button on EduBoard, and also with the reset button on the WEBUI.

Each message will generate a notification about the status of the message .

(the txt of the message can be changed easily in the python script, which will be covered in the tutorial)

If backing will be succesful on KicKstarter step by step tutorial will be supplied for each prejects, for an example.

LED function, Button function, OLED display, Web server, Crontab, HTML, PHP, Bootstrap, etc… this is only PiMessnger1 :-)



As PiMessenger1 with custom text, and different design (select tag, instead of buttons)

KickStarter Tracker


also python script needs executed (click on the “run button on nav bar)


(this is the newest project/lesson, has no video yet)


Thank You…:-)

If any questions please get in touch…