Tutorial 8 Input (Button Function) Part 2

Input(Button Function) This tutorial is the second part of Tutorial 7  with few more  example code to demonstrate how to setup and read an input from a button, The following code example based on from Tutorial 7. If you… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 7 Input (Button Function) Part 1

Input(Button Function) EduBoard has two momentary switches, wired to GPIO pins 18 and 24 (pins 12 and 18 on the board). Both of them tied to ground. The reason for this is that the Raspberry Pi has internal pull-up and… Continue Reading →

KickStarter tracker

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IP finder

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PiMessenger V2.01

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PiMessenger V1.01

PiMessenger V1.01 This is a step by step guide to setup PiMessenger V1.01 with EduBoard on the Raspberry Pi. What is PiMessenger V1.01? Send messages to the EduBoard via the Raspberry Pi through a web interface. Here is me sending… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 6 (Output part 3, LED, sys.argv )

Everything OFF Easily turn off everything with one script. (intergarte all of the existing OFF scripts into one script) Open an editor window using:

Then paste in the following text and save the file using CTRL-X and then Y… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 5 (Output part 2, LED, time sleep() )

Python time sleep() Method The method sleep() suspends execution for the given number of seconds. The argument may be a floating point number to indicate a more precise sleep time. The actual suspension time may be less than that requested… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 4 (Output part 1, LED, Buzzer )

Understanding Outputs  The Raspberry Pi has a connector that gives you access to the processor’s GPIO pins. GPIO stands for General Purpose Input Output and it means that these pins can be either an input or an output depending on… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 3 (Update Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi)

Update Raspbian on your Raspberry Pi Before you begin to install any software it’s best to make sure the package files are up-to-date (essentially just a file pointing to the latest version of compatible software – for example when we install Midnight Commander… Continue Reading →

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