Temperature Meter

Temp Meter

Tutorial 15 Running A Python Script At Boot Using Cron

Add A New Cron Job The tutorial based on python script . To create a new job to Cron we will modify the “crontab”. This is a table that contains the list of jobs that Cron will monitor and… Continue Reading →

KickStarter Tracker (update)

KickStarter has changed the layout of there campaign page. Due to this KickStarter tracker will no longer work, unless you update the script. The script located within /home/pi folder. Delete the script, and download the new script using:… Continue Reading →


EduRadio This tutorial shows you how to build an internet radio using a Raspberry Pi and an EduBoard! The project is based around the EduBoard and assumes the SSD1306 OLED display library already installed, and configured. This must be done… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 14 Web server setup (Apache) +PHP
GPIO Web Controll

Installing The Web Server (Apache) +PHP To be able to control EduBoard from the web, you will need to install and configure the Apache web server & PHP on your Raspberry Pi. On its own, Apache can serve HTML files… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 13 Setting Up WIFI

Setting up Wifi with the Command Line This tutorial works best if your router is broadcasting the SSID. Make sure you have “Broadcast SSID” set up on your router! This may not work with “private” SSID setups Working USB WIFI… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 12 Thermal Sensor (DS18B20)
Part 1

Thermal Sensor (DS18B20) In this tutorial, we will be writing a program to read the temperature sensor data connected to pin number7 (GPIO4). Assumes EduBoard already attached to Your Raspberry Pi, through the GPIO pins.   DS18B20 temperature sensor connected… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 11 Install Midnight Commander (File Management)

Install Midnight Commander Whats Midnight Commander? Midnight Commander is Shell application (visual file manager) for SSH like Norton Commander, that older geeks may remember from the time of DOS, or like Total Commander, the most advanced Shell application today. Why… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 10 (Usage of the SSD1306 OLED Display, fonts) Part 2

Better Fonts for the SSD1306 OLED Display The Adafruit SSD1306 support library uses the 5×7 pixel fonts as default. That is a fine and compact font, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some pretty high-res fonts to take advantage… Continue Reading →

Tutorial 9 (Usage of the SSD1306 OLED Display, I2C) part 1
Adafruit Library

Usage of the SSD1306 OLED Display First install the I2C driver: You don’t need to install I2C, if you using the SD-card image from our website. The new Raspbian distro already have the I2C driver installed but they are disabled… Continue Reading →

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