A recent success story on the KickStarter crowd funding website, the EduBoard is an add-on PCB board for the Raspberry Pi which makes learning how to code engaging, fun and fulfilling.

The EduBoard utilizes the amazingly successful and world famous Raspberry Pi! and In terms of integration – it literally plugs onto it, in a neat and simple fashion.

As well as teach you the basics of how to solder and code – the EduBoard has built in functions to get you off to a flying start.

Alongside the EduBoard itself, we supply video tutorials based on an ever growing list of functions which can be easily linked to all curriculum levels set out by the Board of Education.

The EduBoard’s main goal is to become recognized as a leading educational tool for coding.

If you you’ve already know all about the EduBoard and simply want to get your hands on one – you can do so on our website!

So why does the EduBoard exist?

In September 2014 coding was introduced to the school timetable for every child aged 5-16 years old, making the UK the first major G20 economy in the world to implement this  on a national level. This is a landmark policy change that will arm a generation of school-leavers with the skills for the 21st century.

A government survey recently showed that over 59% of people think computer coding is an important skill for today’s job market, however 1 in 6 people do not have any basic digital skills and over 50% of people would like to learn computer coding.

This clearly supports the significant need for anything which is going to make teaching and learning code not only possible but easy.

EduBoard’s mission is to become an integral part of the UK’s new curriculum which now focuses on teaching children how to code, create their own programs and understand not only how computers actually work and how to make them work for you.

In-line with the above the UK launched the “Year of Code” as an independent organization to encourage people across the country to “get coding” which has received significant praise from leading employers and sparked an irreversible interest in the subject.

EduBoard is here to help support the governments drive and our people of the future!!

Help spread the word on Social Media – Buy one for your Local School or Coding Club – Share your ideas on new functions and be part of the story!